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terms conditions

This is our terms

Terms Conditions


In our terms conditions when the customer makes a reservation, it is irreversible, we do not do refunds. But we understand that sometimes people have setbacks, such as the loss of an airplane, or deferment of your holiday, etc … So we give the customer the opportunity to postpone their massage by period of three months from purchasing the massage, it is our best offer. And of course, you can always offer massage to another person.

Quality of Service

All massages that we do have a premium quality, we only perform traditional techniques with over 2500 years of tradition. Do not use any electronic device to make massage. All oils used are of vegetable origin and do not cause any allergies. The bamboo we use is natural bamboo.

Sexual Tourism

All kind of sex tourism is rejected by us, we are a center for therapies that have no relation to this kind of ”massage”. All the contacts you receive this intent above will be punished. Deliver telephone contacts, emails and names of customers contacting us with this objective, to the Portuguese authorities.

Security of your Data

Your connection to kohthai.net is encrypted with 128-bit encryption. All your payment will be made on the website paypal, one of the safest current payment methods.

Booking Method

In our terms conditions we have 3 ways to book a massage with us.

1 – The best way is to book online, so is the certainty that massage is booked and confirmed for the day and time you want.

2 – Can contact us by phone and reserve, but is impossible for us confirm the reservation by phone if you come from abroad may have added to your phone call costs.

3 – You can send us an email us within 3 hours we will reply. Do not forget that any method for your booking, massages must be booked with a minimum period of 180 minutes before massage.

4 – KohThai not give confirmations for reservations outside our appointment system, or by phone, or by email.