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Me have 10 years of experience in natural medicine,amazonian plants and traditional massages and work hard steps to provide a better healthier way of life to all who come to us. My studies were carried out in Wat Po Traditional Medical School in Bangkok Thank you very much.

August 2014

Bamboo Massage

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Let's talk a little about the Bamboo and its relationship with the massage The Chinese, Indonesian, and Japanese festivals, rituals, and myths abound with bamboo symbolizing life energy, prosperity, longevity, sexuality, and fertility. In China, stalks of bamboo still symbolize eternal youth, strength, prosperity, and peace. What may seem like a new technique, bamboo massage, has ancient roots [...]

July 2014

Our Apps They Dance

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Our Apps They Dance You may see our apps to dance to the sound of rock and roll, go to the respective stores itunes or google play, download and a short review of our applications, finally, come to a massage at Koh Thai.

App Play Store

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App Play Store Our official App from Play Store hi, after a long wait, finally arrives will play store our official app, with new functions such as: Call us; Email Us; Find Us; Sms Us; Online Appointments and all our information about the massages we do. So,do not forget to make a visit on play store, [...]

June 2014

How to make appointment online

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Online Massage Appointment Make appointment online with us is very easy and secure, our pages have ssl certificate, your personal data is secure, and off course, in the final you make payment by paypal.  When you finished your appointment online, go to your email inbox and see your massage confirmation

Thai Traditional Medicine – Taste

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  In Thai traditional medicine there are 9 types of tastes that has its correspondence in plants, animals or minerals. The following table we have 9 Tastes, the Taste properties of each indicative and finally examples of certain Tastes in correspondence   Taste Properties Examples 1 - Astringent Diarrhea, wound Healiing, Stomachic Unrip Banana, Unrip Guava, [...]

Traditional Thai Massage

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TRADITIONAL THAI MASSAGE Massage Knowleage   Traditional Thai Massage follows the Buddhist teaching that a human being is composed of five aggregates, Panca Khanda, namely: Body, feelings, recognitions, thought and consciousness. The first, rupa (body) means the corporeal or concrete form. The second, Verdana, describes feeling or sensation. Sanya, the thirth, describes the recognition of [...]

Father Traditional Thai Medicine

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TRADITIONAL THAI MEDICINE FATHER Dr.Jivaka Kumara Phaccha   Dr. Jivaka is the legendary founder of traditional thai massage. He only inspired the art of massage, but also contributed the original knowledge about healing herbs and minerals. Nowadays, one can still find Indian Ayurvedic medicine in Thailand, including herbal treatment, massage and steam baths. It is [...]

May 2014

Massage Lines

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Sen Sib (wat po style) lines   The ancient royal traditional thai medicine text indicates there are 72.000 channels originating inside the abdominal cavity. All 72.000 channels spread from the abdominal cavity throught the entire body via the ten major life energy channels called  ''Sen Sib'' . These ten life energy paths are the heart [...]